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Delete message from WhatsApp before reading it?

A few days ago WhatsApp application announced a new helpful feature witch is delete message from other people’s devices.

This feature comes with a set of restrictions and conditions,

  • To delete message from conversation, it does not exceed 7 minutes from the time of sending it or it will not be able to remove it from The user’s device,
  • as well as it will not be able to delete it only if the other user is available on the latest version of the WhatsApp.

delete message from WhatsApp conversation

Of course, this feature has not yet reached all Whatsapp users you can wait for the automatic update but it can be used before everyone else by downloading the latest version of the application from an external link.

First you have to go to this link and download this Whatsapp version “2.17.402” install it on your device normally, you can confirm the copy of the application by going to “Settings”  then “Help” and then click on “Information about the application.”

delete message from WhatsApp conversation

You can now try the new feature very easily, just make sure that the other device is on the latest version . You can long click on the message and then choose the deletion icon and you will see a new window with three options, like the photo below.

delete message from WhatsApp conversation


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